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I had Debbie review and edit my final doctoral project for me. I found her work to be extremely helpful to me. She returned my work quickly and provided clear edits, corrections and suggestions for my project. I would highly recommend Reading Professional to you.


~Jeffrey Milhon, Ph.D.



If you write anything, for any audience, you need another set of eyes to look it over before sending it out the door. Debbie DeMatto, from the Reading Professional, proofread my website and caught errors that I had looked past many times. As I continue to write more for online publishing, I look forward to working with Debbie and her assistance in making me look my best!


~Terri Kuhlmann, Punctuation Navigation


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My passion for reading started at the age of four when my dad taught me to read before I even entered kindergarten. Reading opened up all kinds of worlds to me, and to this day, I’d rather read a book than do almost anything else! Whether it be novels, self-help books, news articles, blogs, or advertising; I find errors in writing every single day. Not only do I have a lifetime of reading experience behind me, but experience in my former career as an office manager, as well as training in general proofreading, has led me to make my passion into my work. I want to help writers make their projects polished, professional finished products. I want to make you look good!


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Debbie since 2008. I would want you to consider this multi-talented person for a couple of reasons. First, Debbie is a person of high integrity and confidentiality. Second, she has been my proofreader and editor for my sermons, correspondence and letters, and has done it with excellence. I highly recommend Reading Professional to you without any hesitation as someone you can trust and depend on.

~Rev. Gary W. Neilan