General Proofreading

I will correct all spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, word usage, and subject-verb agreement.

Upon completion of the job, you will receive: 

* An edited document in which spelling errors, grammar errors, and typos have been corrected

* Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all changes that have been made

That Finishing Touch...

 You're a writer. Books, blogs, ads, articles . . . you name it!  You put in the research, the creativity, the time. You got your thoughts out on paper, and darn but it's good! Now you're done . . . but not quite. Did you know that most grammar checking programs miss up to 50% of writers' errors, and hiring a proofreader is much less expensive than you may think? Let's make your amazing work look professional; let's make you look good!


A professional proofreader can spot errors that you've read too many times to notice . . . all the little things that can detract from the quality of your work. Let's get it polished up so you can send it off with confidence.


Whether it's an essay, article, blog, social media post, ad copy, resume, website, obituary, manuscript, job application, scholarship or college application . . . if you want it error free, I will do it!

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